Occlusal Disease


Occlusal Disease results from a bite in which teeth are not properly aligned. It’s very destructive. When our teeth, muscles, and jaw work in harmony that can comfortably withstand the forces of mastication.

However, when the bite is not in harmony, a misalignment of the teeth can cause problems with the teeth, muscles, the jaw joint, or any combination of the three. This disorder in my clinical experience is the most common and most undiagnosed disease I treat.

Symptoms of Occlusal Disease include: excessive wear on the biting surfaces, pain in the muscles that open and close the jaws, jaw popping and clicking, tooth sensitivity to hot and cold, discomfort on biting, tooth movement, teeth that may fracture from excessive forces. When left untreated the problem usually compound over time…more filings and crowns based on a bad bite, more jaw,  muscle, and teeth pain, the possibility of permanent arthritic or degenerative changes to the condyles of the mandible.

Treatment of Occlusal  Disease if diagnosed early is minimal. For some it could involve orthodontic treatment or minor tooth adjustments, possibly replacing a single restoration. As treatment is delayed; the damage and symptoms become more severe and require more complex treatment modalities, usually involving multiple dental specialists. With early treatment more complex problems can be avoided.

Author: Dr Dulabh

Antelope Family Dentistry